Teachable Moments International’s (TMI) mission is to create domestic and international academic and cross cultural experiences that challenge and support young adults in their journey of self-discovery.


Teachable Moments International (TMI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring youth to act as conscious global stewards. TMI provides students with opportunities to build 21st century skills from experiential challenges at home and abroad. Students develop self and international awareness, leadership skills, respect, and confidence.

TMI’s Genesis

Crystal Cubbage, the founder and Executive Director of Teachable Moments International, Inc. was inspired to start TMI by wanting to share the critical thinking skills and world perspective she gained from her own experience of conducting scientific research, teaching, and facilitating international cultural exchanges.

Crystal was born and raised in West Philadelphia and is a product of the public school system there. She holds a BS in Physics from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and worked as an engineer at NASA. Her strong interest in international education was sparked by her teaching math in Cameroon, West Africa while on assignment as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

She was immersed in Cameroonian culture by attending birth celebrations, weddings, and church services. Upon returning to the United States, she chose to pursue a career teaching high school Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Simultaneously, Crystal worked with The Forerunners International Institute, Inc. and Reginald and Gerri Walker, to create Journey to Freedom, a Philadelphia based international exchange program.

She has since obtained a Masters in Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and had the vision to create Teachable Moments International Inc. to help others benefit from the diverse academic and  cultural experiences she has been privileged to enjoy.