The Tunyi Scholars Project

The Tunyi Scholars Project

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Teachable Moments International is currently focused on supporting and facilitating the exchange of American Science/Math students, ages 15 to 22, who are interested in teaching for three weeks in July in Cameroon. Tunyi Scholars will be prepared for the experience during TMI’s Saturday School (April – June).

The training sessions are intended to help students gain the confidence and skills to effectively teach, and more importantly, self-awareness. Students will pre-plan their lessons, be provided with teaching materials, and also have the ongoing support of another American student.

Students reside and teach in a town named Buea in the Southwest Province of Cameroon, West Africa. They will be introduced to host families and TMI’s Cameroonian team of facilitators. Travelers will have opportunities to learn about culture and indigenous languages and experience a variety sites and cuisines.

Brief weekly routine, while overseas:

Founder and ED, Crystal Cubbage, teaching Physics in Buea, Cameroon

  • Monday – Thursday:  Team-teach two classes daily.  At the end of each school day debrief with American trainers. Students spend with staff reflecting on what worked and what needs improving. Students are offered support to improve their lesson for the next day.
  • Fridays:  Participate in community service projects: Cameroonian community elders identify service opportunities like reforestation, community beautification or speaking to or playing with children’s groups.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: Visit historic sites and enjoy fun places such as local markets and festivals, chief’s compounds, botanical gardens, the zoo and the beach. Consider taking on a physical challenge like climbing Mt. Cameroon.
  • The final week of the international program: Tour another region of Cameroon. Students have a chance to relax and see, first hand, the various climates and lifestyles that exist in the country.

Post Travel:

Tunyi Scholars and trainers will gather to debrief and share their experiences with each other, as well as, family friends and supporters. TMI hosts a picture party and several opportunities to present to funders, educators and prospective students

The program honors the late Mr. Tunyi Chrispus, a Cameroonian educator who protected and guided TMI’s founder during her first teaching experience.