Selection Process

High school and college students, aged 15 to 22, are eligible for TMI programs.  Participants are chosen based on demonstrated concern for others, a desire to understand the world, maturity, leadership, and aptitude for math and science.

Demonstrated concern for others will be determined by evaluating student participation in community service projects, student government, the responsibilities they handle at home, etc. Personal characteristics will be determined using data from several sources.  The first is the level of student commitment to cultivating a skill (academic, musical, athletic, artistic, etc.).  The second is the recommendation given by members of the selection committee who conduct in-home, family interview.

Aptitude for math and science will be determined by recommendations submitted by math and science instructors, math and science grades on report cards, and aptitude science and math testing to be administered by TMI.

Stage One: Applications Review
All complete application packets are reviewed by the selection committee (which is comprised of the Executive Director, members of the Board of Directors and several key staffers).

Stage Two: Finalists Selection

Applicants selected as finalists in the application process will:

  • Be notified by mail
  • Participate in a home interviews with parent(s) or guardian(s)

Selection criteria include the following:

  • Evidence of service to others
  • Ambition, motivation, maturity and work ethic
  • Curiosity about the world
  • Leadership potential
  • Aptitude for science or math

Final Stage:
Final decisions are made by the selection committee.